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The District is continually working to improve the infrastructure which serves our customers. Some improvements are to increase the efficiency of our operations; others are to install new water mains and/or replace existing water mains to provide increased reliability and better service. Water mains are the pipe network which comprises the distribution system providing service to your home or business. They range in size from 8 inch to 24 inch in diameter.

Much of the Districts infrastructure was installed in the late 1950’s. Although the infrastructure has provided great service, the life span of those water mains is nearing its reasonable end. The District is, and will continue to, install new water mains to allow for replacement of the older infrastructure.

Providing reliable, stable water service to our customers is important. New water mains are designed (located) and installed to provide ‘looped service’. We can then use valves and a looped pipe network to re-route water and minimize interruption of service. This allows us to keep more customers in service during periods of maintenance, construction or repair through providing water from alternate pipes.

Interruptions of service can, and will occur. We do all we can to minimize the impacts to our customers, and we appreciate your understanding and patience when service is interrupted.

Recently completed projects include:

- Replacement of the electronic control system we use to activate and operate our wells (the water source). This will allow us to operate the wells with greater efficiency and as cost effectively as possible. We are still working the ‘bugs’ out of this system.

- New water mains on Wyoming Ave and Government Way; provided increased reliability to the northern sections of the District

- New water mains on Hayden Avenue; which will allow for abandonment of older water mains installed in the 1950’s and 1960’s, provide increased reliability, and move customers service point (water meter) to their property.

Future projects will include:

- Additional water main installation on Wyoming Ave; this will complete Wyoming Ave and provide significantly increased reliability to the northern portion of the District.

- Installation of water main on Reed Rd.; this will allow for future abandonment of older existing water mains, increase reliability to customers and move customers service points to their property.

- Installation and completion of water main on Hayden Ave. ; allowing for future abandonment of older existing water mains, increase reliability to customers and move customers service points to their property.

- Construction of a new well at one of our existing well sites; We will be constructing a new well which will provide winter service from a location which currently provides our best water quality (from a hardness standpoint) and is located at a higher elevation which will allow gravity to do more of the work rather than electricity. Because we have an existing well at this site we will be able to use the existing control system and back up power source (generator) which represents a significant cost savings. The existing well does not run at the lower winter flows efficiently, and that is the reason for installing a second well.  




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