New Projects

The District continues to install new watermains to allow for replacement of older infrastructure. New watermains are designed (located) and installed to provide “looped service”. The District can then use valves and a looped pipe network to re-route water and minimize interruption of service.

Interruptions of service can and will occur. The District will do all we can to lessen the impact to our customers and we appreciate your understanding and patience when service is interrupted.

Recently completed projects include:

- Carrington well and wellhouse off Hayden Ave., with a backup generator;

- A new generator for Dakota Well #1; and

- New watermains installed in the areas of Hayden Ave., Ramsey Rd., Prairie Ave. and Dakota Ave. allowed for the abandonment of portions of older watermains and meters being moved to the new infrastructure.

Future projects will include:

- A 2 Million Gallon Elevated Water Tank on Lacey and US Highway 95. A Bond Election will be held in November;

- Rehabilitate the existing 75,000 Gallon 1950s Water Tank;

- Continuous looping of waterlines and moving service meters to new infrastructures when the opportunities arise;

- Ongoing GIS input, locating and storing information regarding meters, lines and valves in our District;

- Purchasing a new 250HP well in the Huetter area;

- A Master Facility Plan for a 20-year buildout;

- Move water meters to new mains in the Reed and Miles area (Summer of 2019);

- Fire Hydrant maintenance, cleaning and painting yellow to delineate from the Coeur d’Alene, and other, water districts hydrants;

- Relocate valves on Honeysuckle and Ramsey, install 800+ feet of 10” watermain to the East of Honeysuckle;

- Replace the Steel 20” watermain from Lacey to Dakota well sites; and

- Auditing the District’s easements that are not in the public rights-of-way to insure they are free and clear of obstructions (i.e. trees, sheds, water features and concrete).






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