Hayden Lake Irrigation District began as the Interstate Irrigation Company, a privately funded venture of Spokane investors. The area served by the Irrigation Company and now the District was platted in 1910 as the Hayden Lake Irrigated Tracts. In 1910 the Interstate Irrigation Company laid out, and dedicated to the public the main roads we use today, such as Hayden and Prairie Avenues, Ramsey Road and others. The Irrigation Company was reformed as Hayden Lake Irrigation District in late 1913.

The original source of water was from Hayden Lake. A pumping plant was constructed in Berven Bay and a 24” wooden water main transported the water to a wooden storage tower. From there wooden water mains and open concrete ditches distributed the water for agricultural and domestic uses.

Due to deterioration of the wooden mains, in 1949 the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of Interior, completed a project to replace the wooden transmission main from the lake with a 25” concrete lined and coated steel main. That main is still in use between our current water tower and U.S. 95. All other wooden mains were replaced during the 1949 improvements. Additional improvements, at that time, included rebuilding the pumps and motors used to pump the water from the lake to the distribution system

In 1957 the Bureau of Reclamation constructed our current water tower. This 75,000 gallon storage tower continues to provide gravity pressure and minor storage to the District.

In 1962 the Bureau replaced some of the steel water mains due to concerns over deterioration of the steel mains. As it turns out our soils must be pretty good because steel main exposed today shows very little corrosion and in some spots still has a shine after nearly 40 years!

The District used Hayden Lake as the water source, until the 1980’s. In 1978 a well was constructed and in 1989 two additional wells were drilled into the Rathdrum-Prairie aquifer. Beginning in the early 1990’s the District moved away from the lake as a source to using the wells. Currently the District has 4 wells which pump into the water system.

The District has grown quite a bit in the past 10 years; that growth has generated the need for the installation of many new water mains. We have also begun a multiyear plan for replacing the remaining distribution system installed over 50 years ago.
Soon the District will retire the loans we obtained from the Bureau of Reclamation, this will end our financial commitments with the Bureau that began in 1922. Due to how the loans were written we will always be connected with the Bureau, which is a good thing, they have been very helpful over the past 88 years.

In 2010 the District is celebrating its first century of service, and looking forward to the next 100 years.



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