General Information:

. What are your hours?
A. We are open from 7:30 AM to 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday. Our phone number is 208.772.2612, if calling after hours we have an answering service. They can take messages and in case of emergency contact the on-call operator. We return all calls the next business day as early as possible.

Q. When will I receive my bill?
A. We send out 5 bills in a calendar year, the Irrigation Assessment bill arrives the middle of November. The domestic bills are sent at the beginning of January, April, July and October.

Q. Can I add a management company or tenant to my account?
A. Yes, we require the owners’ authorization to add them to the account. Our policy is the owner is responsible for the water bill if the tenant/management company does not pay.

Q. When are Board meetings?
A. Board meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month. An agenda is posted on the front door and our website on the Announcement page.

Financial Information: 

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?
A.We accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards.

Q. How can I pay my bill?
A. You can mail or drop off payments to 2160 W Dakota Ave, Hayden ID 83835 or visit our website; on the home page and click on Pay Utility Bill. This site will accept payments via your checking account or credit/debit card; call the 800 number to pay over the phone. There is a flat rate fee charged by the third party. The fee is $0.95 for checking account and $2.95 for credit/debit cards with a maximum of $300.00 dollars when using your credit/debit card.

Q. Can I pay in advance or make monthly payments??
A. Yes, we accept payments in advance or monthly payments. We are happy to help determine what would be owed, assuming no excess water charges, to keep your account current. If you elect monthly payments, then you need to coordinate with our office and complete the Monthly Payment Form.

Q. Do you offer auto-withdraw?
A. Our third party payment provider does offer this service, however flat rate fees apply.

Q. Do you offer paperless billing?
A. Yes, our third party information provider offers this service at no cost to the customer. To elect this service, visit our website and click online option for viewing and sign into the system. There you will find the option for paperless billing.

Q. When are late fees applied to accounts?
A. Late fees are applied on the fourth (4th) business day after the due date.

Water Use Information: 

Q. Do you treat your water?
A. Hayden Lake Irrigation District does not perform any treatment or add any chemicals to the water.

Q. Can I water my landscape/lawn daily?
A. No, the District has implemented an Odd/Even Watering Schedule. Set your sprinkler timers to run, at the most, every other day and begin the setting on an odd date if you street address ends in an odd number; or begin on an even date if your street address ends with an even number.

Q. Is Backflow Testing required?
A. Yes, testing of all backflow assemblies is required; lawn sprinkler system must be tested when the system is recharged (turned on) and/or prior to June 30th.

Q. What is the hardness of the water you serve?
A. The water hardness varies at the different well sites, overall the water supplied ranges from moderately hard to very hard. Information about water quality can be found in the Drinking Water Quality Report on our website under Your Water.

Q.How often do you read the meters?
A. We read the domestic meters at the end of every month. The irrigation meters are read 3 times during the irrigation season. We read them at turn on, turn off and once in the middle of the season.



Please use the contact form below to send us a question. If you would like to call us we can be reached at 208.772.2612.



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