000A-HLID Standards 2020.pdf


001 1-Inch Residential Meter Set.pdf


007 Fire Hydrant Detail.pdf

002 2-Inch Commercial Meter Set.pdf


008 Typical 3-inch and Larger Meter Set.pdf

003A Dual Residential Meter Plan Veiw.pdf


009 Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer.pdf

003B Dual Residential Meter Profile View.pdf


010 Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly.pdf

004 Sample Station.pdf


011 Irrigation_METER_SET.pdf

005 KD Sidewalk Door.pdf


012 Thrustblock.pdf

006 4-Inch Blow-Off.pdf




PVB Backflow Assembly Example.pdf


RP Backflow Assembly Example.pdf

Guidance for New Development
The following steps are intended as a guide to facilitate successful development projects within or connecting to Hayden Lake Irrigation Infrastructure. The District views infrastructure installed on private land in anticipation of subdivision or other uses of the land prior to transfer to the District as owned by the party paying for the infrastructure. The District will not accept transfer of infrastructure, nor provide service through infrastructure which has been installed in ways that do not meet District standards.

1. Request for a ‘will serve’ letter

  • a. Send developer template letter
  • b. Send developer water service application
  • c. Send Payment of $500.00 with application and developer template

2.Completed signed letter is returned from developer along with plan review fee of $500.00

  • a. Place will serve on next Board meeting agenda
  • b. Will serve is approved or denied

3. District standards signed and returned to the district

4. Draft development agreement

  • a. Once reviewed and approved by District (Administrator or Board Chair) development agreement is then sent with invoice for development agreement on to the developer for acceptance signature and returned to the District with Development agreement fee of $300.00

5. Preconstruction meeting is held (if development is in Hayden City and district is involved then that meeting may provide for this need).

6. Construction takes place with continued oversight by District representative

  • a. Notes regarding construction are placed on plans (field set)
  • b. If installation is made that does not met District standards and can be solved with a verbal conversation with contractor on-site that is the best process. If it cannot be solved on-site, then document the installation (written and photos) and provide the documentation to the Administrator, Board Chair or District Engineer. A letter of non-acceptance can then be generated and provided to the developer / owner.

7. Following construction, water quality verification (water samples and pressure testing), and recognition that work product meets applicable District standards, a final inspection is performed. A punch list is generated from that final inspection and provided to the contractor. Once those items have been completed; the Development Agreement has been met; as-built plans received; and cost of infrastructure provided, a letter can be generated indicating acceptance and warranty requirements.



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