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The Hayden Lake Irrigation District manages and maintains our backflow prevention program in accordance with Idaho Department of Environmental Quality regulations. The District has a responsibility to prevent potential contamination from entering the water system. One way we achieve this is addressed through the Districts backflow prevention program.

The Districts water system is designed so water flows in one direction from the well sites to the customer. Backflow happens in two ways; they are either siphoned into the water system, or pressured into the water system. When a backflow occurs, contamination can enter the water system; working backflow prevention assemblies help prevent contamination from entering the water system.

What is the customers’ responsibility?
Annual testing and maintaining of all backflow assemblies is required; lawn sprinkler systems must be tested when the system is recharged (turned on) and/or prior to June 30th. The system doesn’t have to be operating by June 30th but a satisfactory backflow test must be submitted.

What can the customer do to prevent backflow situations?
- Do not submerge hoses or place them where they could become submerged.
- Use hose bib vacuum breakers on fixtures (hose connections, laundry room and on outside faucets/spigots
- Install an approved backflow prevention assembly on lawn irrigation, fire sprinkler system and all commercial buildings need a RP device installed.

The most common backflow event is caused by the ordinary garden hose. It can be easily connected to the potable water supply and used for a variety of potentially dangerous applications.

What steps are the District going to take to verify the customer has met their responsibility?
- The District invested in software to track assemblies and testing compliance.
- We will send a letter to all our customers in March as a reminder to have the backflow assembly tested.
- We will send another letter 30 days before the June 30th due date as an additional reminder.
- If test results are not received by June 30th, we will send a final letter to have the backflow assembly tested within 15 days.
- The final step is a door tag notice of disconnection. If this is necessary, there is a $20.00 door tag fee applied to your account. If assemblies are not tested the District may terminate water service until the assembly is tested and found to be in working order.

Who do I hire for testing my assembly?
Testing of all backflow assemblies by a certified tester is required by the State of Idaho and the District. The District maintains a list of certified testers who have complied with the State of Idaho and District requirements. This list is on our web site or you may pick up a copy at our office. Using a certified tester not on our list may result in an invalid test.

When looking to hire a certified tester, a few good questions to ask are:
1. Are you on the Hayden Lake Irrigation District certified testers list?
2. Do you submit test reports promptly to the water provider?
3. Do you provide me a copy of the test report and tag the assembly?
4. If the assembly fails its initial test, do you clean the assembly and re-test immediately?
5. If cleaning does not resolve the failure, do you have the tools and parts on hand to perform repairs or will you walk away?

We appreciate our customers having the assemblies tested in a timely manner; we work hard every day to provide you with good safe drinking water. We appreciate your cooperation in preventing contamination of your water.



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