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Hayden Lake Irrigation District provides both drinking water and irrigation service for our customers. All of the water supplied is drinking water quality, and comes from the Rathdrum Prairie aquifer.

The District does not treat the water. This means we do not disinfect (chlorinate), add treatment to prevent tooth decay (fluoridate), or perform any other treatment. If, due to water quality concerns, the District needs to disinfect in the future it will do so on a temporary basis. You would be notified of this both by letter and on our website. If water quality concerns become chronic (frequent or happen throughout the system), or the aquifer were to become contaminated, then the District may need to disinfect consistently. You would be made aware of this change. We do not want to take these steps, but we would need to if water quality concerns made it necessary.

The District uses wells for its supply; these wells are located in various parts of the District. The water hardness at these wells varies; overall the water supplied to customers ranges from moderately hard to very hard. The District does not alter the hardness; some of our customers choose to have water softeners installed.

The District regularly monitors the water quality by taking samples to a local laboratory for total coliform (bacteria) analysis. These samples are taken throughout the month and from various locations in the District. The district takes additional samples at the well sites for multiple elements and chemicals. These include nitrate (annually), inorganics (metallic elements), and organics (volatile and synthetic chemicals) on a less frequent basis. The District also monitors for lead and copper in specific homes in the District. All monitoring is scheduled to meet or exceed the required frequency set by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. All detectable results of our monitoring are included in the annual Drinking Water Quality Report which we mail to our customers each spring and can be found on the website.

Power for our wells is provided by two different electric utilities, and we have back-up generators at our well sites. Water is an essential service, to meet that need we are able to provide redundancy three levels deep; if one electric utility is down we can use the other utility (at a different well site) and if both are down we can provide our own power. In spite of these steps, the District may still experience water service outages, however we strive to provide stable consistent service.

It has become necessary for the District to start an Odd/Even Outdoor Watering Schedule effective January 1, 2015. Street addresses ending with an odd number may water on odd dates of the month and street addresses ending with an even number may water on even dates of the month. 

Conservation of the aquifer makes sense. Both from helping to control our daily expenses, to making sure there is adequate water for each of us; and for our children. The District provides information on our website to help our customers use their water wisely. We expect our members to use the water wisely. You can do this by; not over watering, not watering sidewalks and driveways, fixing leaks, and using hardy drought tolerant plants in your landscape.

One method we use to promote wise water use is by notifying customers each month of leaks and high water use. This is a courtesy service we provide to assist you in managing your water use. If no one is home we will leave a tag on the door providing the notification. We appreciate your assistance by using your water wisely.


Please use the contact form below to send us a question. If you would like to call us we can be reached at 208.772.2612.



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Hayden Lake Irrigation District
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